A Friend In Need

The 9th episode of season 4. There's a new girl in school who is afraid of Berserk.


The Powerpuff Girls are first seen at school listening about a new student coming in their class. Miss Keane introduces a girl named Bridget Johnson to the class. Bridget sits next to Bubbles. Bubbles says a warm friendly hi to Bridget. Bridget just gives her a hello and looks away. Soon Brat starts spitting spitballs at Bridget and giving her a nasty grin. Bubbles says,"That's Brat Plutonium. Just ignore her because she's evil." Then Brute starts punching her really hard. Luckily the teacher catches her and she got detention. Bridget asks,"Who was that?" Bubbles says,"That was Brute Plutonium. She and Brat are sisters." Bubbles starts talking about that she has a boyfriend and has two sisters. Miss Keane starts handing out slips of math tests to everyone. Bridget is looking at Berserk funny and not concentrating on the test. Sweat goes down her repeatedly. Berserk turns her head and gives her a evil stare. Berserk asks Brat quietly, "Can I pass a note to Bridget?" Bridget looks at the note and it says,"Are you afraid of my eyes?" Bridget nods her head yes and screams in the entire school that she was afraid of the red eyed freak. She runs out of the school and nobody ever sees her again. Bubbles is confused and so is Berserk. Berserk's face was red about the red eyed freak thing. They all think she would return.

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