A Happy Day - Part I

This episode revolves on a Saturday morning where Momoko, Miyako, and Kaoru where lying in their beds, nothing to do...

Momoko: (eating candies lying on her bed) Aah! Why aren't there any villains striking New TownsVille?! Argh, so booooored...

-Scene zooms on Miyako's house-

Miyako: (reading fashion magazines) *sigh* I wonder how Momoko and Kaoru are doing...

-Scene zooms on Kaoru's house-

Kaoru: (punching her new punching bag) Yaah! Oh yeah! (Kaoru then lies on her bed) *pants* I wish I could go to the lab right now...

-Scene zooms on the Lab-

(explosion!!!!! BOOOOOOOM!!!!)

Ken: *cough* *cough* Professor, I think we did it wrong again.

Professor: Yeah *cough* I guess.

Peach: *cough* Hey Ken, it's sunny outside, let's play!

Ken: Sure! Wait for me!

-Then, Momoko, Miyako, and Kaoru shows up-

Ken: Hi Momoko, Miyako, Kaoru. Whatchadoin?

All: We're bored...

Momoko: There's no villains showing up...

Miyako: ...I can't go shopping because I spent all my allowance for a cute blouse yesterday...

Kaoru: ...My hands hurt cause of punching that hard bag, I wanna do something else like beating up Mojo...

Ken: Hmm, I see.

Momoko: Oh yeah, when we came we saw an explosion. Did something happened?

Peach: Oh, well you see...


Peach: Ken and the Professor were doing an experiment...

Ken: Professor, here's the Sodium Carbonate you asked.

Professor: Thanks Ken. Now let's add a drop of... BOOOM!!

Ken: *cough* Oh man...

-Flashback ends-

Miyako: Oh, well that was interesting.

Ken: Hey! I have an idea! Let's go picnic!

Momoko: Yeah! And I can bring sweets! MANY SWEETS!!!!

Miyako: You know Momoko, too much sweets could cause your teeth to break.

Ken: Hey, where's Kaoru?


Everyone: o______o"

Ken: I'll go get the Professor, you girls get ready.

PPG: Oh yeah!!!

-Scene goes to Momoko, a pop music plays-

Momoko: (Grabbing sweets and asking permission from her parents -no audio, then waves goodbye to her parents while holding her basket of sweets and riding her pink scooter.)

-scene goes to Momoko, pop music continues-

Miyako: (no audio) (Packing her fashion magazines and makes sandwiches, peanut butter and jelly, then wears her hat with a blue ribbon on it. Then rides her blue bicycle.)

-scene goes to Kaoru, pop music continues-

Kaoru: (No audio) (packs her food and lots of towels and t-shirts. Brings her head band and wears her roller skates and goes to tha lab.)

-scene goes to Ken, Peach, and Prof, pop music continues-

Ken: (No audio presuading the Professor to go picnic)

Peach: (Packs all his dog biscuits and his fuzzy toy)

Professor: (No audio agrees)


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