This is the first 11-minute episode for the MaleficMage girls.


Blossom is tempted to wear Raven's red-black ribbon bow even though Raven warns her of the effects that the remains radiation X may cause to her. Nevertheless Blossom still wears the bow and slowly turns corrupted and starts saying mean things and spazzing out over things and eventually going crazy over the city not being able to control her actions.

Raven, Rina and Ripley come to the city to find this happening and team up with Bubbles and Buttercup to get Raven's bow back which should stop the corruption if they take it off within the time limit that remains before Blossom is fully corrupted. Eventually Buttercup and Bubbles manage to calm Blossom down enough for Raven to take her bow back.

The ending heart is of Raven taking Blossom's place in the pose.


This is the first time Raven is seen without her bow, which assumes that she does not have multiple copies of it and that she only has one radiation-enhanced bow.

Raven does not feel the evil effects of the bow because her own body is also radiation X affected, which she is able to control. Whereas Blossom has never been exposed to radiation X.

This is the first time Blossom wears a different bow in a battle.

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