Alice the first
Alice the first has short purple hair put with a blue and pink hat with a pink feather on top. She wears a lady like blue dress and holds a umbrella like the old days. Her signature color is light brown. Alice the firsts first appearance was in the episode "The non evil Alice" when she said she didn't want to be evil like her sister Alice the second, Alice the third,Alice the fourth and Alice the fifth. She used to be a killer and killed animals in her tracks but when she turned older she didn't want to be evil anymore. She soon became friends with the Powerpuff girls and is now trying to get rid of her sisters. They soon destroyed her sisters at the end of the episode. The second Alice got shot by a gun. The third Alice was taken into a mirror world and was never seen again and the fourth and fifth Alice got hypmotized to sleep forever. Alice the first still thinks that her sisters Alice the fourth and Alice the fifth is still alive and are haunting her and trying to find her again


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