The 53th episode of the series and the 11th episode of Season 3. The Powerpunk Girls Girls challegde The Powerpuff Girls in a gymnastics lead in school, which they accepted.

Who Breaks The Fourth Wall: Berserk


At school, as school goes, The Powerpuff Girls & Rowdyruff Boys are in line to watch the gymnastics lead, with everyone at the audtorium. As The Powerpuff Girls pass by the railings, the teacher introduces that The Powerpuff Girls are the "100th student" to pass by The railings to watch The Gymnastics Athelic Lead. They can either join in to beat the challegder or go to a Ice Factory. The Powerpuff Girls agree to do The Gymnastics Lead against The challenger. The teacher tells them to put on their gym clothes.

After that, The Powerpuff Girls goes down to face the challegder. But they find out as soon as they get to The Gym Floor that they have to face The Powerpunk Girls. After seeing them, they go to the teacher to not do the Gymnastics Lead against The Powerpunk Girls, knowing they are well-skilled gymnastic pros, but they are force to challaegde them. As the host speaks through a blow-horn, there are 4 stages of playing The Gymnastic Lead, 1 Is to one vs one playing hockey, 2 Jump the Hurdles, 3 dogdeball. 4 Is a special team of event playing "Rollercoaster Bobsleigh Fly".

The first people to try out for the event is Buttercup and Brute. Playing hockey, Buttercup loses, after Brute shoots the ball in her stomach, causing her to go inside the goal.

The second people to try out the second event is Bubbles and Brat. Playing 10 Hurdles, Brat is distracted by her sisters by accient and hits the last Hurdle, while Bubbles wins as she jumps and rolls into a ball.

As for The Third event, Blossom and Berserk go against each other. Break The Fourth wall: Berserk is so overconfident to win she says, "Do you hear me TV director! Yeah you!" Blossom loses dogdeball as Berserk quickly throws the ball at her face.

The final event is the team event. In this event, the team goes through the sky in a bobsleigh kart on very high rollercoaster set. The Powerpuff Girls and Powerpunks go neck and neck to win. The Powerpunk Girls try to cheat by using their powers against The PPGs, but this backfires as the rellings had a piece missing on The Powerpunk Girls side. The Powerpuff Girls win The Gymnastics Lead, as they win a tropy full of....... books. The Host signs off the show saying "And Kids stay in school!"

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