Axion Labs
is an industrial park and laboratory in Amity Park. One of the former employees of the lab is Dr. Damon Gray, the father of Valerie Gray; he was demoted from his R&D position to a lowly security guard after accidental mishaps which had involved Danny Phantom chasing Cujo through the lab's facilities. As a result, Valerie became a client of Vlad Masters in her attempts to get rid of the ghost boy and other ghosts as well. It is later rebuilt after the accident, and plays a role in other episodes of the series where Damon is re-promoted by the management. It is also acquired by Vlad later in the series. Axion Labs was supposedly boasting an impermeable security system but can be seamlessly accessed by any ghost as Skulker demonstrates when he acquires the Bloodstream Nanobots.


Axion Labs mass produce life-changing technology daily. Some of the included inventions are:

  • Bloodstream Nanobots
  • Ectographic Net (Holds ghosts for a limited amount of time)

Other inventions not listed here probably haven't been shown in episodes.

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