Photo blossom takes out.

In this episode Blossom and Dexter are cleaning the Puffs room because Blossom sisters ditched Blossom with there chore. Dexter finds an old box. "Oh, that" said Blossom and darted for it. "What is it?" Dexter asked. "It's my memorie box" Blossom answered. She took out a metal. "This was for my Drama Club". She Took out her Librety Belle costume "I remember that". She then takes out a photo of her sisters when they were five. "You guys Look way different " said Dexter. "Remember back when we were five?" Blossom asked him. Dexter looks at it harder. "Is that a bow?". "I was born with that bow" replied Blossom. "You look cutier with it" Dexter said. Blossom then thinks about it "I do" Blossom smiles "I think i have some more from before. Blossom runs to the desk "I have one" and picks it up. She takes off her headband and put her bow on. Dexter smiles.

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