Bad Hair Day - Part

In the city of Townsville, there lived three girls who was sound asleep....Until...

Bubbles: *Yawn* Great, I'm the first one up today! Well, I guess I just need to wait for them to get up. (While going to the bathroom) La la la la la .....


Blossom: Wha? What? Huh? Where's Bubbles?!?

Buttercup: What the? Heck? Hey! Shut up!!

Bubbles: *cries* My beautiful hair.. *cries even louder*

Blossom: What happened-- Oh no! My perfect hair! *almosts faints*

Buttercup: Keep yourself together Blossom! It's just ruined hair.

Bubbles: *Sniff* Oh yeah? *Sniff* *Sniff* It's because *Sniff* You don't care!

Blossom: Hey look guys! (Points at a paper near Bubbles)

Bubbles: *reads note* From your archenemy...Brat.

Buttercup: Why that little-- Huh? Another one? *Picks up paper* From your archenemy...Brute..

Blossom: So, the Powerpunks did this?

Bubbles: *still hasn't stop crying* I guess so, Brat and Brute did this, but...

Buttercup: Berserk. Did she left a note?

Blossom: Nope, I don't see it anywhere. (I didn't see any note from Berserk in the plot of this episode..)

Buttercup: Come on! It's payback time!

Blossom: Wait Buttercup! We're not leaving like this, plus revenge doesn't solve anything (I just made this one up)

Buttercup: Oh yeah? Well don't you wanted to get REVENGE on someone messing with you PERFECT HAIR *mocking Blossom's voice*

Bubbles: Well, I agree with Buttercup.

Blossom: Oh alright...

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