Mirror faces xd by zafireblue-d30acso-1-

powerpop girls/rowdyrunk boys

At the Girls household...

I like Beck you two like Bert and Brock right? said Bubbles. NOOOOOOOOO!!!!! said Blossom and Buttercup loud rightttttttttt. said Bubbles. Well maybe a little they both said.But there the enemyyyy.said Blossom. We can change said Bubbles happly. To what? said Blossom a little mad. BAD said Buttercup smirking. WHATTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTT. Blossom and Bubbles yelled. BAD we change to bad duh.Oh your a genius! said Bubbles happly. Tell that to Blossom. said Buttercup mad. But we go with the RowdyRuff Boys duh what about them said Blossom. Who cares they both said.Who's in? said Buttercup. Me said Bubbles happly. you? Fine said Blossom.Ok lets go to HER said Buttercup. Why HER said Blossom. OMG!!!!! said Bubbles scared. What they both said. HER has to much showing stuff that makes you powerful and EVIL said Bubbles. Prefect they both said. Oh uh said a scared Bubbles.

Narrator: At HER`s Lair

So Girls you want to become EVIL said a happy HER.Yea we do so hurry up already we dont got all day you know.Ok her it gose (Her waved her hand on the girls and the change form good to bad) Oh my said HER. Nancty said Bubbles in a evil voice then smirked, Naughty said Buttercup in a evil voice the smirked too, And Negative said Blossom evil then smirked as well. And together where The NanctyNaughty Girls they all said together and all smirked at HER. What are you all smirking about said HER worried. Lets get HER girls and they beat up HER in minutes because of the new and strong powers.They headed to Townsville Elementary....

Narrator: At Townsville Elementary...

Hey whats that Beck yelled at everyone looking at the dark colores blood red,dark blue and dark green in the sky comeing to the school.

Narrator: To Be continued watch out for Bad Puffs Part 2.......

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