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Battle in Megaville has characters 6 characters available (including Butch and Boomer as backups)

Battle in Megaville is a A Game based on Bleedman's PPGD. This game is a Fighting game 2-D. It has Moves from the and made up moves. It's a Computer game 2 players.there are also unlockable characters if you finished the story mode

there are also an Modified version of BiM that has more new playable characters.






The Rowdyruff Boys

Brick (main Playable character, Boomer (as backup), Butch as hyperbeam mode

Boomer (Mod version)

Butch (Mod version)

Mandark (Mod version)

Mandy (Mod version)

Samantha (Mod version)

Sensei Jack (Mod version)

Bunny (Mod version)

Bell (Mod version)

Atomic Betty (Mod version)

Danny Phantom (Upcoming mod version)

El Tigre (Upcoming mod version)

Jenny Wakeman (Upcoming mod version)

Mac & Bloo (Upcoming mod version)

Mojo Jojo (Upcoming mod version)

Unlockable Characters


Shira Bell


PPGD: battle in megaville has many secrets.

Extra Options- You get to choose if you want infinite dash, Damage ratio, and more

Zim Survival mode: Fight zim in Survival mode

and others.


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