Ben is a Rowdyruff boy he is Bell`s Counterpart who is made by Kanoii-Chii [1]

"Hi! I'm Ben" , "Hey Bricky! long time no see~,Did you miss me?" -Ben


The twin sibling of Blitz( the blue one).One day, some scientists found how to multi-produce Chemical and they decided to test it out on Ben and Blitz. after doing so they were sent home to begin the second part of this experiment. the boys thought they were a danger to their parents who loved them so much and decided to put themselves back into the scientist hands... After a while Blitz started to become unstable and started to hurt Ben and some of the scientists. it became so uncontrolled Blitz began to kill all the scientist leaving just him, Ben and some other experimental creations. Blitz took off in rage and confusion leaving Ben all by himself where a woman named Professor Jewel took care of him. 


  • Kind
  • Sweet
  • Sense of Humor
  • Confident


Ben is known from being on Deviantart,which is origin.Ben also guest stars on a fan-made show "MegaHigh"[2] on Youtube.

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