Bubbles finds that Boomer has been away often and not hanging with her. She follows him one day to find he's been pulling pranks from Rina of the MaleficMage girls. Bubbles is instantly jealous of Rina and attempts to show Boomer how good she is at pranks, but her nice and innocent personality gets in the way of that while on the other hand Rina is overshadowing her by doing more of Boomer's interests.

For help, Bubbles turns to Brat of the powerpunk girls to help her get better at pranking, not telling Brat of the reason. Brat teaches her everything she knows and they both pull pranks everywhere, until Brat finally figures out why Bubbles wanted her to teach her and then she becomes jealous as well and then engages in prank warfare with Rina.

Bubbles seeing how this got out of hand, explains herself to Boomer, where Boomer tells her that Rina is merely someone who shares the same interests and that she is the special one to him. Bubbles understands and they stop Brat and Rina. Then the four of them pull a prank on the mayor by making him think he got fired ending the episode.


This is the first episode focusing on Rina and not the other mages.

The title references how Rina's hair is both black and blonde.

This is the second time these four blue members are all together.

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