Buttercup dared Bubbles to wear a bunny comstume for one day. Bubbles agreed. The next day, After fighting crime. Bubbles picked out a blue bunny comstume and wore it. The Powerpuff Girls went to The Rowdyruff Boys' house and knocked on their door and asked them if they can go on a walk together. While on the walk, Boomer said to Bubbles that she looked good in the bunny comstume. Bubbles then thanked him. Bubbles wasen't looking where she was going. Boomer and Bubbles' sisters and her friends said LOOK OUT! Bubbles confused looked and saw the taco truck. Boomer pushed Bubbles out of the way. Boomer got ran over by the taco truck. Boomer was taken to the hospital and got an injury. The next day, Bubbles didn't fight crime with her sisters. Instead, she brought flowers for Boomer. She ranged The Rowdyruff Boys' doorbell. Brick answered the door. Bubbles asked Brick if she can come in. Brick answered yes. Brick and Butch went to fight crime with Blossom and Buttercup. Bubbles gave the flowers to Boomer and said I bought these for you. Boomer then said thank you. Bubbles checked to make sure if Boomer was OK. Then accidentally kissed Boomer on the lips. Then Brick and Butch went in and screamed. Bubbles screamed too. Meanwhile, Brick,Butch, and Bubbles were still screaming. Brat was concerating on painting her nails. Berserk was playing video games. Brute was punching a punching bag. Then The Powerpunk Girls heard screaming. Brat said I cant't concerate on painting my nails(doesn't know it's Brick,Butch and Bubbles) if that person can't stop screaming. Berserk complained I can't win on this game if that person can't stop screaming. Brute complained I cant get my muscles bigger if that person doesn't stop screaming. Berserk said I think they want a screaming match. Then The Powerpunk Girls started to scream at once. The Powerpunk Girls screamed WE'RE BEATING YOU! and kept screaming. Back with Bubbles,Boomer,Brick,and Butch. Brick told Bubbles to get out. Bubbles quickly flew home. Blossom was reading a Social Studies book. Buttercup was watching the sports channel. Blossom saw Bubbles shake. Blossom asked Bubbles What's wrong. Bubbles yelled I KISSED BOOMER. Then quickly ran to her bedroom. Buttercup asked What's up with her? Blossom shrugged. Bubbles drew in her coloring book. The next day at school, Bubbles was nervous to get around Brick and Butch. In Math class, Bubbles didn't pay attention. Brick gave Bubbles a note. It said "I'm sorry I was mad at you for kissing Boomer. Can we still be friends?" Bubbles wrote yes. The next day, Boomer was healed. Boomer hugged everyone. Bubbles hugged him and said Sorry for kissing you. Boomer said it was OK. The show ended with Bubbles and Boomer eating ice cream.