Boys is one of the few Thunder Studios exclusive episodes where the Powerpuff girls get into a big fiasco about the RowdyRuff boys having a strange change in behavior. They Go out and try to find out what happened to the boys.


The Powerpuff Girls are strangely being attacked by the rrb. They the girls decide to figure out why the boys are acting strangly, and discover they have been forced by HIM to destroy the girls, like they used to. They also find out that HIM will kill the boys if they stop trying to destroy the girls. So the Powerpuff Girls call in The Strongershine Girls and stop HIM's evil plan. The Powerpunk Girls then arrive and Brat, seeing that they're plan to make the rrb's evil again failed, complains about wanting to work with Boomer but can't until Beserk reminds her that she's dating Breeze already. The Punks then have The Strongersharp Girls come and the 12 girls fight until The Rowdyrunk Boys, The Rowdyruff Boys, The Dragondark Boys, and The Dragondone Boys appear and each girl flies off with her boyfriend.


·This episode marks the beginning of season 13 of powerpuff girls action time. ·Sedusa was originally planned to appear in this episode, but was scrapped. ·A game based on the battle scene is set be released for the 3ds is currently in development.

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