Bubbles Z

Bubbles the 2nd member of PPGZ!

  • Bubbles is the sweetest of the group who loves animals(Can even speak to them) and loves to shop and has a toy named Octi.
  • Ms.G Takes care of Bubbles while her parents are at sea.
  • She also loves to be with Boomer.
  • Signature Color: Blue
  • Signature Weapon: Bubble Staff

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Likes & Dislikes

Likes Dislikes
Boomer(Boy Friend People Who Are Mean
Maylu(Best Friend) Friends Fighting
Boomar(Son) Grandmother Getting Hurt
Lan(Friend) HIM
Geo(Friend) Bass
Chaud(Friend) Solo
Blossom(Team Mate) Zola
Buttercup(Team Mate) Berserk
Brick(Friend) Rage
Iris(Friend) Boomer Getting Hurt
Sonia(Friend) Boomer Getting Bullied At School
Butch(Friend) Getting New Clothes Dirty
Dark Magician Girl(Idol)
Cody(Ex Crush)

Family Members 


In My Chats

  • Bubbles is the same in my chats as she is in the show PPGZ, Her former rival is Brat(Later Turned Good) Bubbles loves to play the piano and go shopping with her best friend Maylu almost every day.
  • Cody was once Bubbles Crush. Cody got hit by a Black Thunder Z Ray that made him more evil then he was(Solo created the Dark Thunder Z Rays AKA Black Thunder Z Rays) that made him not wanting to see Bubbles again and no longer be friends(He hated Bubbles more for when he met Boomer) Boomer got badly injured by Cody making Bubbles Angry.

    Cody Affected By Black Thunder Z Ray

  • Bubbles later then Forgave Cody for his actions as Dark Magician Girl gave him a second chance at the hero life. He Now is Friends With Bubbles and Boomer and now dates Brat.

Bubbles Forgiving Cody

Things Bubbles Shares With Maylu

Bubbles & Maylu

Bubbles and Maylu

Piano Playing

Loving Animals


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