Bubbles and Boomer

Bubbles and Boomers relationship is very happy and naive. Bubbles and Boomer are probably the most happiest and joyful couple on the show. In the a old episode A Rowdy Return, when Boomer was at a new at school, Bubbles was happy that he was in school with her, while her sisters weren't. Bubbles and Boomer have a lot in common, which makes them a great couple. In the upcoming episode Bubbles and Boomer forever Bubbles and Boomer entered a contest at school for who was the most sweet couple. They won the contest and they both kissed at the end. In the upcoming episode The school dance, Boomer asked Bubbles right away and Bubbles agreed right away. When they saw each other at the dance the did a high five and started dancing. When Buttercup and Butch and Dexter and Blossom got together they were shy and didn't speak to each other for a while. Bubbles and Boomer have never been in a fight. But in a episode that was never aired, they did fight about who stole Octi. Bubbles thought it was Boomer because he loves stuffed animals. Unfortunatly, that episode was never aired. If Boomer ever left Bubbles, she would do anything to get him back, and ths is seen in Grim Heroes, where after beleving that he betrayed her in favor of Brat, she goes wild and nearly kills them both. Boomer would try to get bubbles back too, but he wouldn't go crazy because of it. That's how much they love each other.

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