This is an episdoe when Bubbles gets an imaginary friend and can't keep it so she brings it to fosters. The professor breaks the forth wall.

Bubbles Imagination

The episode begins with the girls finish's cleaning there room and go's on having fun without makeing a mess. Blossom practices her mandiren. Buttercup plays video games. And bubbles draws a picture. She then tells her sisters that she can't think of anything to draw. The phone rings and blossom answers. The Mayor tells them the bad guy is so adorble but is actully bad so don't fall for there trick. The girls think its the Fluffy bunch and Leaves. They then find out its a giant baby blue Bunny. blossom imforms her sisters that its a bad guy so don't fall for there tricks. They then fight and destroys the monster. Back home Bubbles is sad that they had To kill the bunny. She askesher sisters if they could just beat it up like they always do with monsters instead of kill it. Blossom tells her that she also did not want to kill the Rabbit but had to its there Job. Bubbles sad trys to think what to draw. She then thinks of the Bunny and desides to make a Bunny superhero and draws it. She hangs it up on her wall and the Phone rings again saying Mojo is at it again. Annoyed bubbles thinks if there will be anyone elsse to save the day like her drawing of a bunny and Flys of. However back at home Bubbles accidently imagines her Bunny and the Bunny cleans the Powerpuffs room for a good deed. When the girls come back the see there room even cleaner. The Professor wasn't home. Buttercup asked who it was or she will beat the stuffing out of them. Bubbles floats around really scared and looks behing the Bookshelf. There she see's her creation. Her sister follows her and is also surprised. Thewy ask who she is. The Bunny hopes arond saying she's Bubbles creation and has no name yet. Bubbles quickly relazies its her drwaing and names her Bailey the super bunny. Blossom tells her they can not keep a super powerd imaginary friend in the House. They wait till the Professor comes and asks him. He says he knows a really nice place named Fosters of course you knew we were created by the same people. They then take Bailey to fosters and Bubbles and Bailey take awhile to say goodbye. Bubbles says she'll alsways vistit. At the end of the episdoe is shown that Bailey is haveing the best time at fosters. At the very end Bubbles is shown at the front door for a visist and says she has more.

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