Bullet is my OC and she's the leader of Rowdy RWBY in other world name Refia.She know as the youngest sister in RowdyRuff Boys or the strongest heroine in Townville.Also know 'The Princess Of Demons' in Refia.


She wear a golden shirt with orange jacket without sleeves.She wearing a short black jean with black yellow belt have a white skull in the middle.She also wearing a light yellow socks.Her shoes is brown hight boots.She always wear a silver necklace name 'Bullet' and sometimes she wears a orange yellow short scarf.


Crule,Gloss,Violent, little bit Tsundere.Like her brothers, she enjoy fighting and taunting to help her growing up.She's have a elementals demons powers, that would make her special in Rowdyruff boys.In outside, she's very coldy,strong and often smile but inside she's very kindness and weak.She very love her brothers and PPG,PPNKG,RRKB.She don't want anybody know she have a darkest past: she is a slave and brought to the Rich mans.She already have a scar on back when she meet RRB.She want become a hero and hustress because she want to know why her mother left her and kill Scarlet.


Superhuman Straight: can carry anything heavier than her.


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