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her sisters, saving the day, bunnies, learning new things, The Powerpuff Girls, Bell, Barasia, The Rowdyruff Boys, Her Rabbit


Villains, being confused



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Grey DeLisle





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Bunny is the self-appointed leader of The Strongershine Girls. She was orinally destroyed after saving her "Sisters" (in general her Mothers), from a gang of villains. She was restored to normal inside the episode "Bunny!."


She wears a purple strapless dress with a black slash tied around her waist. Black and purple knee high boots (Purple heel with outlines, is 5" inches high). Purple strings that are tied around her hands that goes up and stops at her elbows. She wears her hair in a high ponytail with a purple flower tied around it. She has a white bunny hair clip on her left side. She has an amethyst necklace with a diamond bunny with onyx eyes, also with diamond bunny earrings with onyx eyes.


Bunny's personality has changed. Bunny has been shown; she isn't too smart, but has good plans when it comes to team work. She is cheerful and kind-hearted person who is always there for her sisters. Although she can be adsent-minded, she is a powerful fighter who has a lot of skills. Bunny is reffered to as the "Curious" one, out of the group, due to her wanting to learn new things. Also consider "The Leader and the Wonder." Bunny's traits include being thoughtful, caring, brave, and determined. She's both a tomboy and a girly girl In a few episodes of the series, it hints that she might be the strongest of the group.

Interaction with Others

Bell (Frienemy)

Barasia (Enemy)

Bianca (Sister)

Blossom (Mother; Close Friends)

Bubbles (Mother; Close Friends)

Buttercup (Mother; Close Friends)

The Rowdyruff Boys (Close Friends)

Bear (Arch-Enemy)

The Powerpunk Girls (Enemies)

The Rowdyrunk Boys (Enemies)

Bandit (Boyfriend)

Anna Goldman (Close Friend)

Matthew Damon (Ex-Boyfriend)

Peter Zimmerman (Ex-Boyfriend)

Desiree Goldman (Classmate)


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