Buttercup Z

          The Strongest of the PPGZ!

  • Buttercup is a major tomboy who enjoys physical activites such as fighting and playing sports.
  • She trains with her Father(Mr.Mask) and older brother(Dai Mask)
  • She and Sonia have arm wreslting contest for fun every day.
  • Signature Color-Green
  • Signature Weapon-Hammer
  • Transformation Name-Powered Buttercup

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Likes & Dislikes

Likes Dislikes
Butch Jojo(Boy Freind) Girly Things
Sonia(Best Friend) Dresses
Blossom(Team Mate) Being Blamed 

Bubbles(Team Mate)

Not Fighting Crime


Eating Sweets
Boomer(Friend) HIM
Lan(Friend) Zola
Geo(Friend) Solo
Chaud(Friend) Bass
Sports Saying Sorry
Fighting Crime
Dark Magician Girl(Friend)

Family Members


Mrs.Mask/Ms.Mari(Mother) (PS: Buttercup's Original Mother was killed by Fuzzy Lumpkins)

Dai(Older Brother)

In My Chats

  • Buttercup is the same in my chats as she is in the show PPGZ, Her former rival is Brute(Who Later turned good) Buttercup Has a alter ego code name"B.C"(Best Cup) Who wears a fake moustache and sunglasses and a gun and her fist! 
  • Buttercup Trains with her Father to become stronger like him in the future and maybe even to become a wreslter just like him. She eats healthy every dinner time.

    Alter Ego

  • Buttercup Mostly works out at the gym in the mornings ussaly at 5 A.M
  • Buttercup's alter ego soon slips away from her and she becomes normal.She Became Less Aggresive when Butch came around also opend up to wear dresses to make Butch happy.


In A Skirt

Once A Villian!

Buttercup became evil due to HIM's new power that was transported to the PowerPunkGirls Z Called HIM's Red Aura!


Evil Buttercup

Things Buttercup Shares With Sonia

Buttercup & Sonia

Buttercup & Sonia

Love Sports


Strongest Of Their Team

Two Handed Weapons


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