Buttercup and Butch

N: Our third and last segment of the week until we head over to the Punks and there couple next week.

Buttercup: I dont think those dirty punks should be here.

Butch: Yah what she said

N: Do you know that You realationship is Higher then Blossoms and Dexters?

Buttercup: We are!

Butch: Cool

N: And Buttercup when your fans saw you when you were little that you thought dateing was gross.

Buttercup: That was Back then

Butch: Yah if i was still little i would of thought of it so gross.

N: Finally Butch do you know that in Buttercups Diary taht she want's to marry you and have many Babys

Butch: WHAT? *Surpised

Buttercup: GOD DUMB NARRATAR. *Buttercup goes up and tries to beat him up

N: No not he face!!!!!!!!

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