Change of love and personality

The fifth episode of season 8. Some of the Rowdyruff boys and other boys break up with their girlfriends and go find new ones.


One day at school Brick looks at Berserk and listens what they are talking about when Brick starts blushing really hard. He thought Berserk was a prettier person than Blossom was. At Miss. Keanes class he sat next to Berserk not Blossom. Blossom was very unhappy. Brick smiled at Berserk and they smiled at each other. Berserk blushed and gave him a little card that said you are really cute on it. After class, Brick told Blossom he was breaking up with her and is in love with Berserk. Berserk told the exact same thing to Brock. Now on Brick is evil and is in love with Berserk. Blossom told her sisters that Brick broke up with her and started crying. Boomer said he will always be good and will always be with Bubbles. Butch said the same thing to Buttercup.

Part 2

Blossom was walking in the hall when he saw a boy named Dexter tying his shoe. Dexter noticed her and said she was a beautiful girl. Blossom blushed like crazy when he said that. Now on Blossom and Dexter are together for now on. When Brat was putting on her new shiny bangles she saw a boy named Inferno pass by. Inferno came around and said he loved her beautiful eyes and face. Brat jumped on him and started kissing him like crazy. For now on Brat and Inferno are together. There are new couples in Townsville and it is going to be that way.

Part 3

Brick had seen Berserk cheating on him with some other guy, and broke up with her on the spot. Berserk got on her knees and BEGGED Brick to forgive her, he said he would never, and walked away.

Meanwhile, Blossom found Dexter with a girl named Olga making out, Blossom's eyes started to go teary. After the bell rang Blossom confronted Dexter, she told him she was breaking up him. He asked why, and she told him what she saw. Dexter started to lie through his teeth, but Blossom did something OOC of her, she slapped HARD.

Brick and Blossom ran into eachother in the hallway, they started to talk, Brick apologized for the way he's been acting towards her. Blossom forgave him, they both decided to start over again not as a couple, but as friends first and then start to escalate from there.

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