Chemical X is a powerful chemical that gives people superpowers and special abilities, and also often turns
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Chemical X

primates evil and intelligent, with an over-sized brain, missing top of skull, green skin, pink eyes and the ability to speak. Professor Utonium seems to own an unlimited supply of it in his lab. The chemical was an accidental extra ingredient in the Professor Utonium's concoction for perfect little girls thanks to an accident caused by Jojo, the Professor Utonium's monkey. This led to the creation of The Powerpuff Girls, and the explosion turned Jojo into Mojo Jojo. Since then the chemical has been used in numerous episodes, usually to give superpowers to people and animals. The chemical is also responsible for giving the The Powerpuff Girls their distinctive appearance, as seen in Oops, I Did It Again!. The Chemical's appearance is a viscous black liquid similar to oil, though in the episode "Mo Job" and Twisted Sister it appeared as glowing light blue liquid. It is also in a powder form, as seen in Toast of the Town. Despite being an important plot point in some episodes very little is actually known of the chemical itself, such as how it is made. The effects of Chemical X can be erased by Antidote X, but it seems as though Chemical X can be re-used on the same subject multiple times. However, as seen in Knock It Off, it is possible to destroy The Powerpuff Girls by extracting the Chemical X from their bodies and revive them with love.

Possible Powers

  • Ice Powers
  • Ultra-Sonic Burps 
  • Elasticalty
  • Becoming a rock
  • Turning into a giant monster
  • Identical powers similar to the girls
  • Become a giant
  • Super Speed
  • Empathy
  • Telepathy
  • Shapeshifting
  • Fire Powers
  • Telekinesis
  • Weather Control
  • And other unknown effects

Chemical X Creations/People

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