Likes:her sisters the powerpuff girls dislikes:powerpunk girls

Christina is the leader of the royalpuff girls!

She is Blossom counterpart. Like most Leaders she is smart and the peace maker of the trio. She has Long Blue Hair,grey eyes and wears a princess gown. In stead of her name starting with a "b" it starts with a "c"Her Kindness is great and Like Bunny and Blossom her element is everything Nice.


The Royalpuff Girls were made in a far away land. Their Creator a King/Professor created them. Thus, Becoming the Princess/Defendor of her their Kingdom. But they Later move to Townshville and quickly becoming friends of the Powerpuff girls.


She's like the rest of the leaders. Level headed and the peace maker of the group when Cynthia and Carrisa get into fights. She wears a gown other then her sisters. She strongly dislikes the Powerpunk Girls and anything evil.

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