Dark Buttercup

The third episode of season 8. Buttercup meets her dark counterpart.


Buttercup is first seen flying around Townsville by herself because her and her sisters got in a fight so she stormed out. Buttercup soon gets knocked out because someone hits her. Buttercup stands up seriously. Buttercup is soon amazed that she is looking at someone that looks exactly like her but looks evil. The other girl explains that her name is Dark Buttercup and was created by Dark Professor Utonium. She starts talking about Buttercup destroying Dark Buttercups sister. Buttercup is confused of what she was talking about. Dark Buttercup said that someone just like her destroyed her sister Dark Bubbles. She said that they go in a fight. Buttercup said to Dark Buttercup that her counterpart Brute did that. Dark Buttercup also said that her sister Dark Blossom got lost and she cannot find her. Buttercup says that she will help her find her sister. They looked all over Townsville but they could not find her. Finally they found her sitting alone on Townsville beach. They both tried to speak to her but she would not respond. Finally Dark Blossom said to Dark Buttercup if they could be villians again but without Dark Bubbles. Buttercup was guilty of what she has done. Dark Blossom and Dark Buttercup were the new villians of Townsville.

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