PowerPuff Girls and the Golden Magic Mirror

The Double Mirrors are two magic mirrors that send you into a alternate universe. The PowerPuff girls and RowdyRuff Boys found both mirros in Princess attic and Mojo Jojo's Super Secret Lair. The mirror sends you to an alternate universe when you have an opposite of yourself. One Mirror is golden with diamonds and one is thin and rusty. Mojo's mirror was destroyed by the RRB, but the golden mirror is still intact.

The mirror was created by Professer Docter Reyard Byer Jeered. He was a brillant scientist who help the influence of many begginers. After his wife was killed he became mad and crazy, then he made evil things. One including the mirrors. The mirrors couldn't be destroyed by any mortal, by something/someone who he said had the " X Factor "

Double Boy Vision

RowdyRuff Boys and the Rusty Magic Mirror

The mirrors were a curse to Princess Jayaa' Star for betraying him. She was put into the mirror and died inside. The mirrors were locked away in a boat, but when it crashed they were lost. Somehow, they were found and re-hidden. Mojo Jojo stole the mirrors and put them in his lair. He sold the golden one to Princess because it was "Pointless" to him.

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