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Drax is the main antagonist of Grim Tales Afterbirth. He is a character created by Griddles and also appears in Valentines art of Bleedman. He is the evil counterpart of Dexter.

Grim Tales Afterbirth

Drax was the new owner of Empheles. He used him to capture Daniela and used her to drain her ghost-powers from her. Later he also caught Manny. Manny escaped and fought with Empheles along with Dani who later broke free and together they destroyed Drax's laboratory. When Drax saw Empheles was useless he activated the bomb he installed on his body and killed Empheles along with himself.


His appearance involves with redheaded hair, blue trousers and glasses. Drax has a giant scar on his left eye. He wears a long black lab coat with black buttons. He has a red short cape on his back attatched to his coat. Drax wears red gloves with gray straps. His boots are black, with a red front and gray straps.

Powerpuff Girls: Action Time

Drax appears as a villain in powerpuff girls action time. He is friends with The Powerpunk Girls and in a majority of the episodes he appears in he is working alongside The Powerpunk Girls and/or the Rowdyrunk Boys. He also seems to be hiding feelings of effection for Beserk and Olivia. He also appears to hate Mandark, despite them both being evil genius's.



  • There has been many discussion about who Drax really is. It is stated that he is from the same parallel universe where the Powerpunk Girls come from and it is possible that he befriended them and had a relationship with Berserk.
  • His death is similar to Mandark's death in PPGD.


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