Brick's been acting weird, and Blossom is determined to find out why.


The episode starts with the powerpuffs and rowdyruffs walking down the street. Then, there's a giant explosion behind them. Brick flies towards it to find out what happened. When he comes back, Blossom asked him what caused it. "What's it to you?" he said angrily. The next day Brick was still acting weird. Blossom was starting to get worried. Later that day, at school, Brick hit one of the younger kids. Blossom was shocked. The next day, there was another explosion. Brick flew towards it. Blossom followed him. When she got there, she saw the powerpunks talking. "It was a great idea to make that fake Brick" Brat said. "I still think that explosion made some people suspicious" said Brute. "Since when do you worry? Besides, no one is going to find the real Brick. What part of abandoned library don't you understand?" Berserk finished. Blossom flew off to the old library. When she got there, she heard someone inside screaming "Somebody!" She opened the door and Brick rushed out. Then the two of then rushed off to the powerpunks' hide out. They beat them up and put them in jail. They didn't know where fake Brick went so they just ignored it. They episode ended with Brick and Blossom walking down the street at sunset.

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