The girls each have dreams in which they are fairy tale creatures. Blossom dreams of herself as Ariel, Bubbles dreams that she is Cinderella, and Buttercup dreams that she is Snow White. The events of the previous day are incorperated into their dreams. After Brick and Blossom finds the red book, Bubbles and Boomer find the blue book, and Buttercup and Butch find the green book.


The episode starts with Blossom and Brick walking down the hall. Blossom suddenedly trips over a book in the hallway. Both Brick and Blossom look at what made her trip, it was a huge fairytale book of Fairytales from all over the world (Colored different shades of red and pink). Brick and Blossom look at each with a puzzled expressions, Blossom picks up the book commenting that this thing is heavy, even for her. Both Brick and Blossom zap off with their signature colors behind them to find the others.

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