Fire v.s. Rain

Blossom saw Dexter move out the door of the school. Tears formed in her eyes but she stopped them. Dexter and Blossom had been fighting for such a long time. To Blossom, it seemed like Dexter hated her. But he didn't, of course. He was worried about her.... and she didn't know why. The next day at school Blossom took Buttercup and Bubbles out for lunch and told them about Dexter. Bubbles conmforted her while Buttercup mumbled something under her breath. It seemed like she was saying, "I'm gonna kill that 4 eyed freak!" Blossom shoved Buttercup, knocking her to the ground. Blossom walked out not saying a word. When going out, she saw Dexter walking in the shop. Dexter stopped and sighed. "We need to stay away from each other, Blossom. According to my calculations, if we keep seeing each other we will keep fighting." Blossom nodded but gasped when looking up at his face. Dexter wasn't wearing glasses but his eyes were beautiful. His eyes simmered and he walked into the store. Blossom flet sentimental and remembered the good times with Dexter. She remembered the time when Blossom kissed him for the first time. She remembered when he called her "beautiful." She remembered when he asked he to the dance. It was true... she was in love with him. But she was also in love with Brick too. It didn't even feel like Dexter was her boyfriend anymore. It felt like they were enemies.... just like Brick and her are now. Blossom flew home and sat on the couch, sobbing. She had the terrible moment come back to her head when Brick dumped her for Berserk. He said, "Get away from me!!! I hate you!!!! Did you hear me? I.... HATE... YOU!!!" The words I HATE YOU ringed in her head every moment she thought of Brick. The doorbell rang and she saw Brick at the door. Blossom smiled but Brick looked worried. "Blossom... Dexter is missing." The words that Brick said banged against her heart and sent her flying across the room. Blossom cried and thought, "What have I done."

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