Buttercup On TV by blackhellcat
The third episdoe Of Season 9 for the Powerpuff girls. The girls decied to get there own rooms.

GIVE ME A BREAK !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Bubbles is in side the powerpuff girls room playing with her dolls. Bloosm enters the room ,and statrts to brush her hair. Blossom and Bubbles ignore each other while there doing there own thing. Buttercup, rudley, breaks the door open interupting bubbles and blossom. Blossom yells at Buttercup for breaking the door. Buttercup says that she'll fix it, but blossom is still angry at he sister and yells at her some more. Bubbles resumes playing with her dolls, while her sisters fight. Buttercup and Blossom starts to push and yell at each other. Buttercup shoves blossom onto the the sisters bed where bubbles is playing with her dolls.Blossom falls on to bubbles favierot doll Penolpe purr, causing it to break. Bubbles gets mad and yells at her sisters saying she wishes she can have her own room. Buttercup and Blossom are first shocked at what there sister said, than angry when she said she whished she can have her own room, but Buttercup and Blossom later agree with Bubbles. The sisters egarly run to the Professors lab telling him there old enough to have there own rooms. The Professor agrees with them.Time passes by until two brand new rooms are build in the house. Bubbles said she'll have the old room while Buttercup and Blossom gets the two new rooms. The girls design there new rooms, and are proud of the result. The girls then argue who will get the Hotline. Blossom explains she's the Leader so she can handle the calls. Buttercup disagrees, while bubbles says why can they have it in the middle of there rooms since Blossoms room is in the middle it'll be infront of her door. While they arange the hotline a monster comes near there house. The girls find out its the trash monster and it wants to trash the city. The girls defeat the monster by spraying it with water. Once they get back home they find out there house was also destroyed. Time passes by until there house is fixed and the girls are stuck in the same room since the Professor didn't want to waste money with two new rooms. The owerpuffs realize they want to be in the same room with each other since, Bubbles scared of being by herself at night, Blossom doesn't like the hotline being infront of her door while Buttercup doesn't have a real reason why she wants to be in the same room. The girls laugh at buttercup while the episdoe ends.

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