Momoko: Yah I finally Got it! *Ran Into the Lab

Ken: Got what? *Testing chemicals not really looking at Momoko

Momoko: I've been waiting for weeks I orderd it!

Kaurou: What is it? *Watching Sports like ken not really looking at Momoko

Momoko: I got this from the Back of a Magazine a video camera!

Miyako: Wouldn't you by it at a store?

Momoko: Yah I would of but this cost 99% cents less. *Now everone in the room Minus Momoko is Lying on the Floor realizing her stupidity

Kaoru: Man is she stupid (Mumbles) *Getting up of the floor.

Momoko: And you'll never guess how Muched it cost $310!

Ken: Wow thay Must be a rip off for a camera!

Momoko: Know this camera holds ever lasting photos no limit also this is the last one in existents *Up in Kaurous face.

  • Everyone is now interested

Ken: Then how did you get it?

Kaoru: Yah i like to know that i mean last one in Existints In a comic book Ad?

Momoko: I was the First caller in the whole world thats how badly i wanted it!

Miyako: That must be a pretty special camera

Momoko: I know *Stomach rummbles.

Momoko: Guys im going to run down to the store outside watch my camera *Puts the Camera down and Runs outside

Kaoru: Stupid camera

Peach: I really like to see the camera

Miyako: Its probably the best not to touch it

Ken: Yah but it is the only one to exist.

Kaoru: Its also has ever lasting photos

Miyako: And when its expencive its better

  • Long Silence

Peach: Out of the way im getting that camera!

Ken: Im the Youngest

Kaoru: Im the oldest

Miyako: Well im mature

  • They Fight for the camera and knock it over in a batch of chemicals.

Peach: Oh no look what you Done1

Ken: I Done it was you Kaoru

Kaoru: Me It was peach!

  • The three of the Bicker

Miyako: Quiet! *Everyone looks at Miyako

Miyako: Guys stop arguing we need to Fix this

Kaoru: Lets say that an earth quak happend.

Ken: What then she would of felt it my idea is that you guys done it

Peach: What a sweet loveable dog like me Who puts a camera near Chemical anyway

Miyako: Guys you missing th...*Momoko enters then room happy

Momoko: Guys this bun is so g.......*Stairs at camera melting

Momoko: My camera!

Kaoru: You see it wasn't our faults because....

Momoko: Yah Its my fault my carelssness ruined my camera.

Ken: Yah thats it shame on you.

Peach: *noddeing his head

Miyako: *sighs

Momoko: Well the good thing is turns out that was not the only one


Momoko: Yes turns out there was another one there doing another contest and ill win that one knowing that its know the only one but i have to make double the money.

Miyako: You don't have to do that.

Momoko: Yes i do.

Ken. * Staring at the Monitor.

Ken: Girls there's another monster.

Peach: Powerpuff girls Z Da wan

Miyako (Hyper Bubbless)

Kaoru: (Powerd Buttercup)

Bubbles: Momoko your not trasformed

Buttercup: Hurry up

Momoko: Im not Going im going to work for $620

PPGZ: What!

Momoko: Yes Now bye!

(This shows a brief montage of Momoko working hard during the month and Miyako and Kaoru and also showing them as Bubbles and Buttercup get worried and feels gulity)

Miyako: Kaoru we have to tell her

Kaoru: No lets wait a little longer

With Ken and the Professor

Professor: ken I've been noticeing Blossom neglecting her job

Ken: Yah she's working for $620

Professor: What!

Ken: A video camera or something like that

Professor: There's something your not telling me

Ken: Yah Papa i mean Professor we kinds broke Momoko's camera and made her think she did

Professor: Really welll you better tell her ill take care of the camera.

With Momoko

  • Momoko is mowing a lawn
  • Miyako and Kaoru run over to her

Momoko: What are you guys doing over here?

Miyako:we came to say were sorry

Momoko: For what

Kaoru: We were the ones who broke it

Ken: Us to *Ken and peach come out behind Bubbles and Buttercup with the Professor

Momoko: Oh I knew

Group: What?

Momoko: Saw the whole thng out of the window

Kaoru: Why didn't you tell us?

Momoko: To teach you a leason and what really hurt me was the fact that you would make me think i done it.

ken: Yah sorry about that you don't have to work anymore

Momoko: Yah I do i need that camera

Professor: Not exactly you see ive been working on a camera better then the dumb old thing you want and even better is that its the only one in existence what you wanted.

Momoko: Thats amazing but i still have to finish this lawn and when im done i reach my goal for Half of the money.

Kaoru: Well you can use the money for life supplie of cand -in a sarcastic toone-

Momoko: *Grins

Kaoru: Know i didn't mean that!

Everyone laughs

The End

Kaoru: Really i was kidding

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