Heavy Days, Heavy Rains

The third episode of season 4. The PowerPuff Girls and RowdyRuff Boys have to stay inside because its raining.


The PowerPuff Girls and The RowdyRuff Boys are first seen in The PowerPuff Girls room. Buttercup complained that she was so bored and wanted to play soccor outside. Blossom said the rain may clear up soon but she was wrong. It was still raining. Bubbles had the idea to discuss what there going to be for Halloween. Bubbles said she was going to be a cat. Brick said that Bubbles costumes are always so girly. Blossom punched Brick in the arm. Blossom said she was going to be a witch from her storybook. Buttercup said she was going to be the ghost of Abrahalm Lincoln. All of them laughed at Buttercups funny costume. Boomer said he was going to be Death. Butch said that was a awesome costume and gave Boomer a high five. Brick said he was going to be a vampire. He said he has a pair of vamire teeth and he will paint fake blood on it. Blossom said that was a pretty decent idea. Butch said he was going to be a pirate because he has a awesome pirate voice. Bubbles wanted to know what The PowerPunk Girls were going to be. Butch said he didnt really care abou them but a little side of him wanted to know. Buttercup called on the home phone to see what they were going to be. Brat said that she was going to be a sassy devil. Berserk said she was going to be a bloody mummy and Brute said she was going to be a prisoner. Soon the rain cleared and all of them went outside to play.

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