me abby 9 yrs old

Narrator: So, Blossom you were five the last time you were interviewed. Has anything changed.

Blossom: A lot.

N (Narrator): There has been a lot of talk about your "Boyfriend".

Blossom: Oh, you mean Brick. Technically, yes, he is my boyfriend.

N: Do you like all the attention you and Brick are getting, with all these fans.

Blossom: We have fans!

N: Yes, yes you do. Anyway, let's talk about your sisters. Dose Bubbles ever get annoying? Do you still fight with Buttercup?

Blossom: Bubbles is so sweet. She only gets annoying when she cries a lot. Me and Buttercup still fight a lot. I don't do anything wrong! It's always Buttercup that starts them.

N: What about Berserk?

Blossom: Don't even get me started. She's mean, nasty, cruel, messy, and vain.

N: Speaking of that, many people say that you are vain.

Blossom: Why would they say that! I'm not vain! It's not my fault I'm beautiful!

N: I see that you have dropped your signature bow.

Blossom: That old thing. Well, if the bow on my headband counts, it's just a more grown-up version.

N: That's all the time we have today. See you next time!

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