Narrator (N): So Brick, You are know as the "smart" rowdyruff boy. Do you think that's true?

Brick: Yeah it is! But my brother help alot to, and I would probably be nothing without them. They're my best friends.

N: That was some hart-felt word Brick. Speaking of that, you and your brother were thought of as heartless when you were younger.

Brick: You can't blam us! We were young! All boys are like that when they're young.

N: Speaking of younger, you were kissed by a powerpuff girl and, well. . .

Brick: Exploded. Yeah, I know I exploded.

N: Are you aware of what Blossom said after the kiss?

Brick: No. What did she say?

N: Oh, look at the time! See you later everyone

Brick: What did she say?

N: Good night everyone!

Brick: What did she say!?

N: Bye!

Brick: WHAT DID SHE SAY!?!?!?!

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