This is the script for The Powerpuff Girls Z Season 2:

It’s Time to Shine! Part 1

Blossom: *tired* Uh, I'm so tired out.

Buttercup: *tired* Uhh, me too...

Bubbles: *tired* My poor tummy, so... tire....

Professor: Girls, how was it?

Blossom: Tiring...

Bubbles: Really tiring...

Ken: *laughs* We can see that!

-The Powerpuff Girls Z glares at Ken-

Blossom: Uhh, I just wish somebody can take our place for once.

Buttercup: There is a lot of bad guys lately.

Bubbles: *picks up Octi* No kidding, right my little Octi, hee hee.

Buttercup: *signs* Uhhh.....

-Scene switches to Bunny-

Bunny: Isn’t this place beautiful?

*sees bunnies and a little girl*

Bunny: Bunnies! Oh I just love bunnies!

*arrives near the bunnies*

Bunny: Here little guys, here’s a carrot!

Bunny: Awwww….

Little girl: Cute isn’t it, ma’am?

Bunny: Of course it is! Huh?

*suddenly sees a light*

Bunny: Oh!! *grabs little girl*

*transformation: Boucing Bunny*

Bunny: Bunny!!

*outfit changes*

Bunny: What just happen?

-Scene changes to Bell-

Bell: I hope mommy is preparing supper, I’m awfully hungry. Huh?

*sees a white light approaching a little girl*

Bell: Ohhh! Look out!

-Bell grabs the child-

-transformation: Jingle Bell-

Bell: Bell!!

*outfit changes*

Bell: Huh? Why am I dressed like this? Where did I receive these bells?

-scene flashes to Banana-

Banana: *riding bike* Mail delivery! Mail delivery!

-Banana throws newspapers to houses-

Banana: Huh?

-sees a little boy where white light is approaching-

Banana: Yikes!

-Banana pushes little boy-

Transformation: Slipped Banana

Banana: Banana!!

*outfit changes*

Banana: W-What just happened?? My clothes! Where are they?! *looks down* W-Why am I wearing a dress or skirt or whatever!!

-scene flashes to Bunny-

Little Girl: Wow, miss! You are terrific at using a frisbee!

Bunny: Thank you!

-sees rabbits runs off-

Bunny: Huh? What going-

-Gigantic robot appears-

Bunny: Yikes!

Mojo: Mwa ha ha, all of New Townsville come and worship me, fools!

Bunny: Wha??

-robot comes near the little girl-

Little Girl: *frighten* Ohhh!

Bunny: Noo!

-Bunny flies and grabs the little girl before Mojo steps on her-

Bunny: Whoa! Did I just.... fly?

Mojo: New Townsville surrender to the great, awesome, and handsome, Mojo!!

Bunny: Mojo? Sounds like you need to chill out!

-Bunny begins to fly up-

Bunny: Wow! I'm actually flying! I-I'm flying!

Mojo: New Townsville, you are surrounded!

Bunny: Okay, step one on my list is to shut up this Mojo!

-Bunny appears at the top of the robot-

Mojo: Oh just great! The Powerpuff Girls... Wait, this powerpuff girl is different. None of The Powerpuff Girls wear purple and none of them have brown hair.

Bunny: Take this! *throws frisbee*

Mojo: Mwa ha ha, foolish girl! Who do you think you are? Actually, who are you?

Bunny: That dear villain is a personal info...... I guess.

Ms. Bellum: Mayor, who is that girl? Is she a member of The Powerpuff Girls? I haven't seen her before sir.

Mayor: And neither have I, but she doesn't seem evil at all.

Ms. Bellum: Agreed.

Mojo: So not spealing the beans huh? So let me help you with that.

*Mojo grabs Bunny*'

Bunny: Eek! Let me go, let me go!

Mojo: Not happening sweetie! Now hold still while I continue destroying the city.

Bunny: Not happening, ape face! *Bunny throws frisbee at the grass of the robot*

Mojo: Aaack! Foolish girl! What are you-

-frisbee hits bottom releasing Bunny from the robotic arm-

Mojo: Oh shot!

Bunny: Oh yeah! You are going to pay, ape dude!

-Bunny throws frisbee at the inside of the robot causing an explosion-

Mojo: *blasts off in the sky* Curssssssses!!!!

-Bunny returns to the ground-

Bunny: That was...... AWESOME!!!!!!

-Citzens of townsville cheer for Bunny-

News Reporter Lady: News Reporter Annabella here in New Townsville where some new powerpuff girl has suddenly defeated the most wanted villain in town, Mojo!

Bunny: Powerpuff?

News Reporter Annabella: *holds mic up to Bunny* Please, new powerpuff girl, please tell me your name. We would all like to know.

Bunny: Well.... I'm Bunny, Bunny's my name.


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