It's Time To Shine- Part 3

-The next morning-

Bunny: *wakes up* Ahhh! What a good sleep. Oh yeah! I need to go and see those three girls again.

-puts on clothling-

-scene flashes to Professor's home-

Bunny: So this is the place? *knocks* Hello? Anyone?

-door opens-

Bubbles: Oh, Bunny! Welcome, come on in!

Bunny: Thank you. *walks in*

Bubbles: Guys, Bunny's here!

Blossom: Hi, Bunny.

-Blossom elbows Buttercup-

Buttercup: What?

Blossom: *whispers in Buttercup's ear* Say hello.

Buttercup: *signs* Hi.

Bunny: Hello.

Blossom: That reminds me, we forgot to introduce ourselves. I'm Blossom, as you know I'm the leader.

Bubbles: *cheerful* I'm Bubbles, and I am also the bubbly one, heehee!

Buttercup: And I'm Buttercup, and the girl who dislikes anything that has anything to do with girliness.

Bunny: I can see.

Blossom & Bubbles: *giggles* Ha ha ha ha....

-scene flashes to them on the couch-

Blossom: So Bunny, we would like to talk to you about something.

Bunny: Yes?

Bubbles: Well, we saw on the news last night that you are the new powerpuff girl.

Bunny: Oh yes, they mention something about that. I have no idea what a powerpuff girl is.

Blossom: Well, we're The Powerpuff Girls, superheroes that protect New Townsville.

Buttercup: And we have superpowers, well super weapons.

Blossom: Do you possess any powers?

Bunny: Now that you mention it the weirdest thing happened yesterday. When I walking down the neighborhood, I suddenly saw a big white light coming at me and I turned into this form in some outfit in a skirt.

Blossom: Then that means white z rays hit you. But how?

Bubbles: Do you have anything that looks like this?

-Bubbles shows her transformation ball-

Bunny: Oh, yes. You mean this thing that looks like a rock?

-Bunny shows a purple transformation ball-

Buttercup: She really does have what we have.

Blossom: But how?

???: Yikes! Heeeeeelp!!

Bubbles: What was that?

Buttercup: Sounds like a scream for help. Action time!

Blossom: Let's go!

-Transformation: Hyper Blossom-

Blossom: Blossom!!

-Transformation: Rolling Bubbles-

Bubbles: Bubbles!!

-Transformation: Powered Buttercup-

Buttercup: Buttercup!!

-Outfit changes-

Bunny: What do I do?

Blossom: Ummm? I guess you can come with.

Bunny: Well okay.

-The Powerpuff Girls run outside-

Blossom: Alright, what's the trouble!

Bubbles: Hey, look it's Mojo!

Bunny: That's the same guy who was attacking this!

Buttercup: It looks like he's attacking that girl over there!

Mojo: So you're a powerpuff too huh?

Bell: Eeek! I have no idea what you're even talking about!

Mojo: That's what they all say.

Bell: Help!

Blossom: Check it out, that girl is wearing the same outfit as us.

Bubbles: She must had gotten hit by some white z rays.

Buttercup: No kidding!

Blossom: Whatever, let's go help her. Bunny!

Bunny: Yes?

Blossom: You protect her while we'll deal with Mojo.

Bunny: No problem.

Blossom: Hey Mojo! Leave her alone!

Mojo: Ah, The Powerpuff Girls, haven't seen you in awhile.

Blossom: We were just having a little break.

Mojo: Maybe a long break.

Buttercup: *whispers* That didn't work.

Mojo: And you! Purple girl, you were that powerpuff that ruined my great plans!

Bunny: Yes, attacking the citzens here is wrong.

Mojo: Well, you will be wrong once I get my revenge on you.

Blossom: Not if we get the say in that!

Bubbles & Buttercup: Yeah!

Mojo: Is that so? Very well, you three girls will be the perfect workout for my newest machine, The Monk-101 X!

-The Monk-101 X appears and Mojo gets in-

Mojo: *loud* Are you ready, girls?!

Buttercup: We're always ready for anything, Mojo!

Blossom: Let's go, girls!

-The Powerpuff Girls fly to fight the robot-

Bunny: Hello, are you okay?

Bell: I'm okay. Thank you.

Bunny: You're welcome. How did you got all dressed up in that outfit?

Bell: I have no idea. I was just walking from school until I saw this white light come flying near this child so I cover them and this happened.

Bunny: The same exact thing happened to me.

Bell: It, It did?

Bunny: Yup.

Bell: What's you're name?

Bunny: Bunny, yours?

Bell: My name's Bell, nice to meet you.

Bunny: Nice to meet you too.

Bell: So who are those girls?

Bunny: They are The Powerpuff Girls.

Bell: The Powerpuff Girls? Never heard of them.

Bunny: Me neither, but they are really nice superheroes with superpowers. They're just like us.

Mojo: Take this!

Bubbles: Blossom, look out!

-Blossom dodges the robotic arm-

Blossom: Whoa! Thanks, Bubbles!

Bubbles: No prob-

-Monk-101 X grabs Bubbles with it's arm-

Bubbles: Ack!

Mojo: Ha ha! Is that all you got?

Buttercup: I got ya! *uses hammer on arm*

Buttercup: Errr, this robot is as hard as a rock!

Mojo: And not just that, this thing keeps it's balance in case if Blossom uses her yo-yo, the glass on the top protects me and can't get broken in case if Bubbles uses her bubblewand, and this robot's metal is just as hard as a rock in case if Buttercup uses her hammer.

Blossom: Errr, this is useless now.

Mojo: You got that right!

-Robotic arm grabs both Blossom and Buttercup-

Blossom & Buttercup: Ack!

Bunny: Oh no!

Mojo: You're useless now, Powerpuff Girls! Surrender now!

Bunny: Oh they need help!

Bell: But what can we?

Bunny: There's only one thing to do.

-Transformation: Boucing Bunny-

Bunny: Bunny!!

-outfit changes-

Bell: Wow, you weren't kidding. But how does this stop that weird guy?

Bunny: Easy, we use super weapons. My weapon's a frisbee. Did you get a weapon after the transformation?

Bell: Yes, it was these two tangerines.

Bunny: Then let's go kick some monkey butt!

-Bunny slowly flies up-

Bell: Whoa! You can fly?

Bunny: Yup, you can too, try.

-Bell begins to fly-

Bell: Whoa, cool.

Bunny: So let's fight! Hey, Mojo!

Mojo: Errr, not you again, and it looks like you brought a friend.

Bunny: That's right, and we're here to save The Powerpuff Girls, Mojo!

Mojo: Is that so, then try it!

-robot tries to hit Bunny and Bell but they both dogde it-

Blossom: Quick, use your weapons!

Bunny: Right! *throws frisbee at glass*

-The frisbee doesn't break the glass-

Mojo: Ha ha, this glass is hard enough for even a frisbee to break it.

-The Monk 101 X hits Bunny-

Bunny: Onch!

Mojo: Ha! How do you enjoy it?

Bell: Bunny! Mojo huh, well take this! *rings tangerines*

-Tangerines make a loud noise-

Bubbles: Eeeeeeek!!

Buttercup: That sound is very loud that it might break my eardrums!

Blossom: But look! It's working!

Mojo: Acccccck!! That noise is so annoying that it's ringing my eardrums!

-glass breaks-

Mojo: Ahh, crud....

Bunny: Now's our chance, Bell, you free The Powerpuff Girls while I deal with the monkey.

Bell: Roger!

-Bunny grabs Mojo-

Mojo: Ha, ha, ha, s-s-sorry.......

Bunny: I don't think so!

-Bunny spins Mojo and then throws him in the sky; blasting him off-

Mojo: Accccck!!!!!!!

Bell: Emmmmm!

-Bell free The Powerpuff Girls-

Buttercup: Hi-YA!!

-Buttercup smashes the robot causing an explosion-

Bubbles & Buttercup: Yes! We saved the day!

Blossom: No, they saved the day.

Bunny: We, we did?

Bell: I guess, we did most of the work.

Bunny & Bell: *giggles* Hahaha....


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