It's Time to Shine- Part 4


-Professor's Lab-

Bubbles: We are extremely grateful for you both helping.

Buttercup: Well, some of us aren't.

Blossom: Anyway, Bunny, Bell, I think we're going to get Professor to take the white Z rays out of you guys now.

Bunny: Oh, please no.

Bell: After seeing what we can accomplish with our powers, we don't wanna.

Buttercup: Listen we are gonna-

Blossom: Um, can you guys excuse us for a sec?

-The PPG go in the corner-

Buttercup: Guys, we can't just add two members in the team, then we're no longwe a trio!

Bubbles: But it isn't nice saying that in front of people's faces.

Blossom: Bubbles is right, Buttercup, that's just rude.

Buttercup: But-

Bubbles: No buts!

Buttercup: Then what we're gonna do? They don't want their powers taken, then what are we suppose to do?

Blossom: Buttercup, you do have a point there.

Bubbles: Hmmm, I know! Why don't we look for another member to enter the group.

Blossom & Buttercup: Huh?!

Blossom: Bubbles just said something smart! There must be another girl who might have powers like them!

Buttercup: *excited* Then what are we waiting for! The sooner we look, the sooner we get rid of them!

Blossom & Bubbles: *signs* Ohhh...

-scene flashes outside around the park area: Blossom, Bubbles, Buttercup, Bunny, Bell-

Bunny: So explain this again?

Blossom: We're going to look for another girl that has powers.

Bell: For?

Blossom: For um, um....

??: How do you get this thing off?!

Blossom: Huh?

??: Errr, stupid skirt!

Bubbles: My dress is really that ugly.

Buttercup: .....Yes

Bubbles: Oh!

Banana: Hello! Can you help me get this skirt off?

Bubbles: Guys look! She's wearing the same exact outfit as we do when transform.

Buttercup: (That was easy)

Banana: Who knew skirts can be this tied!

Blossom: Um, who are you?

Banana: *tries to take off skirt* I'm Banana! I'm the mail gal around this neighborhood. I was delivering mail on my bike until I saw this white light coming towards this kid and I had to save him! So then that's when I got hit by it and this weird feeling was on me and then I was in this dress.

Blossom: Come with us and we'll help you get out of that skirt....

Banana: Oh thank you!

-scene flashes in Professor's lab-

Banana: Now how do I get out of this?

Blossom: You have to de-transform.

Banana: De what?

Blossom: De-transform, just take out that orb around your wrist.

Banana: Oh, you mean this thing?

-Banana takes out orb ball and returns to her old clothes-

Banana: Ahhh, back to my nice clothes. Thanks!

Bubbles: Let us introduce ourselves! I'm Bubbles.

Blossom: Hello, I'm Blossom!

Buttercup: I'm Buttercup.

Bunny: My name is Bunny.

Bell: And my name is Bell. It's a pleasure to meet you!

Banana: Oh, hello to you all.

Blossom: But we need to talk, Banana, what you just turned into was a super transformation.

Banana: ......Huh?

Bubbles: What we mean is that you transform into a superhero.

Buttercup: With a super weapon.

Banana: Super weapon? I did had a baseball bat in my hand when I was wearing that yellow outfit.

Professor: I see, well that confirms that you have these powers just what the girls mentioned.

All girls: Huh?

Blossom: Oh, Bunny, Bell, Banana, this is Professor. He's like our dad.

Buttercup: *grins* Or uncle, hahaha!

Professor: Yeah, I think we should remove the white z rays from your bodies. I am confused of how the white z rays have gotten loose again?

Bunny: Awwww, I don't think I wanna give up my powers just yet.

Bell: Me either....

Banana: I not sure I want to either, I just learned about them.

Professor: I'm sorry but I think we-

-the roof of the house falls off-

Blossom: W-What the?!

-Ken walks into the room-

Ken: What's going on? What happened to the roof?!

Mojo: Mwa ha ha!

-Robotic grabs Blossom, Bubbles, Buttercup, Ken, and Professor-

The Powerpuff Girls, Ken, and Professor: ACK!!

Mojo: You think I was going to give up that easily huh, Powerpuff Girls?!

Professor: Mojo!! So you picked this time where The Powerpuff Girls weren't in their suits or have their powers? I must admit, that is quite impressive.

Blossom, Bubbles, and Buttercup: *blushes* Professor....

Ken: Let us go, you monkey!!!

Mojo: I don't think so, kid! This is my time where I finally destroy The Powerpuff Girls! At last!

-Robotic arm sqeezes the group-

The Powerpuff Girls, Ken, and Professor: Owwwww!!!!!! Help!!!

Bunny: Oh no, that ape gots them again! We have to save them!

Bell: I agree too!!

Banana: But what could we do?

Bunny: Remember? We have powers and we can fly!

Banana: The ability to fly?! Awesome!

Bunny: Let's put these orbs in these belts!

Bell & Banana: Okay!!

-Transformation: Bouncing Bunny-

Bunny: Bunny!!

-Transformation: Jingle Bell-

Bell: Bell!!

-Transformation: Slipped Banana-

Banana: Banana!!

-outfit changes-

Banana: Oh no, not a skirt!!

Bunny: Don't worry! It will all be worth it in the end! Now it's time to shine!

-Bunny, Bell, and Banana flies up to the giant robot-

Bunny: Mojo, let them go!

Mojo: Grrrrr, I had enough of you guys and it looks like you found a third member!

Bunny: That's right and we'll defeat you as a team!

Mojo: Then let's practice your teamwork!

Bell: No problem!

-Robotic arm tries to punch Bunny, Bell, and Banana-

Bunny: Look out!!

Banana: *arm hits Banana* Onch!!

Bell: Are you okay?

Banana: Err, I'm fine. I'm just a rookie at this.

Bunny: We're rookie too, so no need to worry! Hiya! *tosses frisbee*

-Frisbee hits Buttercup-

Buttercup: Onch! Watch it with that thing!

Bunny: Oops, sorry!

Mojo: Ha ha, this should be easy! *arm hits Bunny*

Bunny: Yikes!

Banana & Bell: Bunny!

-Bunny hits a stop sign-

Bunny: Urf!

Ken: Whoa, this is entertaining! We get to see action up close!

Bubbles: I hope they manage how to do this.

Blossom: If they don't, we're goners.

Banana: Alright, it's time to see what I can do!

-Banana uses her baseball bat to hit the arm of the robot arm-

Mojo: Fool, haha!

-robotic arm hits Banana-

Banana: Ack!!

Bell: Banana!

Bunny: This isn't good.

Mojo: Ha ha, this could be a fight I could win at for sure!

Bunny: It's not over yet, Mojo!

Bell: Yeah!

-Bell shares her tangerines-

Mojo: Accck, not that loud noise again!

Blossom: Errrr, can't... resist... sound...

Bubbles: Me... either...

Buttercup: My eardrums my break.

Banana: Good! He's distracted!

-Banana uses baseball bat on robotic arm; it falls off-

Mojo: Accck, nooo!!!

Bunny: Oh, yes!

-Bell throws her tangerine at the other arm; it falls off-

The Powerpuff Girls, Ken, and Professor: Yikes! *falls*

-Banana catches them-

Professor: That was close...

-Bunny throws her frisbee at the top of the glass; it breaks-

Mojo: Uh oh, this isn't good at all......

-Bunny grabs Mojo-

Mojo: Hee hee, s-s-sorry...

Bunny: No sorry! *spins Mojo and tosses him in the sky*

Mojo: ACCCK!!!!!!!

Bunny, Bell, and Banana: We did it!

-scene flashes into Professor's Lab-

Professor: We would like to thank you for saving us, you three.

Blossom: Yeah, you really saved our bacon.

Ken: Ha ha, that was a bad pun even for you, Blossom!

Blossom: Who asked you?

Bubbles: Thanks, you guys!

Buttercup: I gotta admit, you guys were awesome.

Bunny: Awww, no problem.

Bell: It was the least we could do.

Banana: Yeah, no sweat, right?

Professor: I have decided the fate of your powers.

Bunny: I know, you must get rid of them.

Professor: Are you kidding me, I was gonna say you can keep them.

Bell: R-Really?!

Bunny: We can?

Banana: No joking?

Professor: Yup, you can keep them. After seeing what you guys can accomplish with them, how could I?

Bunny: Oh thank you very much, Professor!

Professor: I think you guys should work together as a team.

Bunny: Us?

Professor: Yup.

Bubbles: They seem to make the perfect team.

Blossom: Well of course they do, all they need is a name.

Bunny: Hmmm, I can't think of a name.

Bell: Me neither.

Banana: That also goes for me.

Buttercup: Hey, does everyone remember that Bunny says, "It's Time to Shine."

Banana: Yeah, and?

Buttercup: And that could be a perfect name.

Bubbles: Really, just 'shine'?

Buttercup: Well, what else there could be to it?

Bell: What about.... stronger?

The Powerpuff Girls: Stronger?

Bell: Well, it just suddenly popped into my head.

Blossom: Wait! That's good!

Bell: It is?

Blossom: Yup! Since your girls, your team name will be The Strongershine Girls!

Bunny: Actually, that name isn't half bad.

Banana: Yeah, not bad at all.

Bell: I really like it!

The Strongershine Girls: *giggles* Hee hee hee.

Blossom: Wait! Every trio needs a leader! Who will be the leader!

Bell: I think it should be Bunny.

Bunny: Really, me?

Banana: Of course, you do act like the leader.

Bell: And you think like a leader.

Bunny: Well.... okay.

Professor: Then it's settled.

Bunny: Wait, when do we fight bad guys whenever there's a problem?

Blossom: I know!

Buttercup: Whoa, you think fast!

Blossom: Whenever we feel like we need a break from fighting bad guys, you guys come go along and fight them for us!

Bubbles: Yes! We can always use a break!

Buttercup: Totally!

Banana: I like the sound of that!

Bunny: Yeah! Anyway, I better head home before it's dark! Bye!

-Bunny flies off-

Banana: I need to go too! I need to go back home to get ready to set sail! See you later!

-Banana flies off-

Bell: Me too, my mother must be worried sick about me! Thank you and see you later!

-Bell flies off-

Blossom: Bye, we will see you guys again for sure!

Bubbles: Take good care of yourselves and your powers.

Buttercup: Bye!

Ken: .....Now what?

Bubbles: Let's bake some cake!

Buttercup: Um, I think we should leave the cooking to Professor.

Bubbles: Why is that?

Blossom & Buttercup & Ken: Umm....

Blossom: Because we miss his cooking!

Ken: Yup that's it!

Bubbles: Oh, okay.


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