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The nineth episode. This episode is where Sedusa returns.


The Powerpuff Girls are at school, at the Townsville Muesum. They go check out the rarest jewels of Townsville. Blossom and Anna are interested in this social studies, while the other Powerpuff Girls and The Rowdyruff Boys thinks it's boring. The Powerpunk Girls were going to break the jewels, but are confronted by Blossom and Anna. After the field trip and after school, The girls and the boys do their homework until they get a call from the Mayor saying someone stole the jewels from The Townsville Jewelry Muesum. The girls and the boys go there finding the place damage, having broking windows, and the jewels having to be missing. The only things they find as evidence is footprints and a note. The note helps and Blossom reads the note: "If you want to get Townsville Rarest Jewels back, come to the Junkyard at midnight. When it is 12:00 AM, the girls and the boys head to the Junkyard. When there, they see their old arch-enemy: Sedusa. Her hair also grew back even longer. Her plan is to steal the rariest jewels of Townsville and use it for evil purposes.