the powerpuff girls are just in thier room playing with the rowdyruff boys. but they dont know that the powerpunk girls are spying on them to seek revenge.

brute: man i hate them so much. all happy and playing.

brat: ugghh i know what you mean and those outfits are a fashin desaster.

berserk slaps brat.

berserk: stay focussed dimwits we're hear to find a plan to destroy them all. you know so we can stop their happyness and playing.

brute: well that wont come back soon so why dont we just get back at them.

brat and berserk: okay.

berserk: heres the plan *whisper,whisper*

they all go to the opresser and tell him the plan. he loves it and builts the device. he sets the target. the next day blossom woke up happy. she walked up to the mirror and screamed. her sisters came to see what happened. they screamed also.

all together: m-my hair :,(

they wore hoodies and went to the rowdyruff boys house. they nocked on the door. they all gasped in surprised.

brick: dont say anything

they saw brick butch and boomer with sunburn.

buttercup: uhh you didnt go to the beach.

brick: exactly, it made no sense. so how are you guys and why are you wearing hoodies?

they all take hoodies off.

blossom: just peachy.

butch: oh my god what happened to your hair.

bubbles: i sooo dont want to talk about it please.

boomer: its looks good on you bubbles.

bubbles: thanks.

buttercup: we need to know who did this so i can punch the grins off their stupid faces.

butch: i totally agree.

blossom and brick: i know who did this. the ppnks.

they all run when all of a sudden they fall.

buttercup: what the- hey my ankle swoll up.

the others: me too.

brick: oh great just more bad luck.

butch: ooohhh look brick has a swollen ankle lets give up now.

brick: oh just shut up.

butch: no ill shut up when i want to.

boomer: both of you shut up! stop fighting.

blossom: boomers right we need to focuss. it wont if we keep fighting.

buttercup: and if you dont shut up ill smack the wack out of both of you!

bubbles: uuhh okaay?

they all run to the ppnks house and defeat them and destroy the wepon. soon it was good luck from then on. except for the ppnks.

all the powerpunk girls: AAAHHHH MY HAIR!

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