Lab Rats

The first episode of season 4. The PowerPunk Girls find rats near the sewer and use them as their slaves.


The PowerPunk Girls are first seen walking around Townsville thinking about what evil scheme they will do next. Brat said they should rob the candy store. But Brute and Berserk said that was a stupid idea because they do that everyday and The PowerPuff Girls always catches them. Brute says they should torture The PowerPuff Girls. But Berserk said that she isnt in the mood in fighting people now. Berserk says they should rob the mall. Brat jumped up and down saying that was a great idea. But Brute says she hates the mall and slaps Brat for her girly personality. Berserk felt something go up her shoulder. She found out it was a rat and started squealing. So did Brute. Brute and Berserk thought it was cute but Brat didnt. She said it was a ugly creature. Berserk smashed Brat to the wall for her sassy mouth. Berserk had the idea to use the rats as their helpers. They all nodded their heads and went straight towards Townsville. Berserk was robbing the mall. Brat was robbing the candy store. Brute was robbing the sports store. The PowerPuff Girls and The RowdyRuff Boys came to defeat them. But when Boomer tried to go into the candy store to settle things down the rats were right in right in front of him hissing at him. Blossom had a idea and pulled a piece of cheese out of Butchs pocket. Buttercup and Butch complained they were going to eat that together but Blossom said they needed it for her plan. The rats followed the scent of the cheese when Blossom throwed it and the rats went to the sewer again. They all went in the stores and defeated The PowerPunk Girls.

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