One day the Powerpuff Girls and the Rowdyruff Boys were messing in the Professor's lab.

Buttercup after drinking the chemicals

Bubbles and Boomer were stirring random chemicals together. Boomer had later dared Buttercup to drink some. After she drank a bit, she started screaming, and green smoke surrounded her. The smoke died down and she was gone! Quikly, the rest of them drank the chemicals and screamed and disappeared. They awoke to see a caveman stealing seeds from a shorter man. Quicky, the girls realized they were in the stone age. Buttercup flew toward a caveman, but Blossom grabbed her and pulled her behind a shrub. She explained if she made contact with a caveman, she could tear apart the fabric of space and time. Bubbles pulled out the drink, and dranks a few drops.They saw the Professor now, and a monkey screaming and knocking down bottles and test tubes. He later bumped the Professor, and hit a glass of Chemical X! Before anything bad happened, the girls and the boys warped through time again. They were in the lab agian, watching Buttercup drink the chemicals. Bubbles realized their were only a few drops left! Each one of them were careful about how many drops they took. They were then back home, safe and sound.

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