Matthew Damon
Matthew Damon






Light Purple


11 (Season 1), 12 (Season 2), 13 (Season 3), 14 (Season 4), 15 (Season 5), 16 (Season 6), 17 (Season 7), 18 (Season 8), 19 (Season 9), 20 (Season 10), 21 (Season 11)

Love Interest




Matthew is Bunny's Ex-Boyfriend, he was only using her to get the others weaknesses but began to fall in love with.


Matthew only cares about what he wants, and doesn't care who gets hurt. He planned on using Bunny in order to find out all of her and her friend's weaknesses, but that failed because fell in love with her. When she figured out what he had planned there was a big fight between the SSG's, PPG's, and RRB's. All of them were wounded in the melee, but Matt swore he get Bunny to love him even if has to kill anyone that's gets in his way. He is a sadistic boy with hate and malice in his heart, before he met Bunny.


Matthew wears a black wifebeater with a purple jacket over it, with a purple and black belt holding up black skinny jeans with purple flames at the bottom. He has shoulder length white hair with light purple eyes, and a piercing in the top of his left ear. He wears black biker boots along with black leather gloves.


He has no known family members.

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