one day the gang was fighting a Monster. Bubbles and Boomer tried to blast the monster but couldntt. Blossom and Brick tried an ability they created called "Water Blast." They failed and the water blasted them back. Buttercup and Butch attacked with a classic Powerpunch. It backfired and the two of them were punced in return. Soon, a red blast of light flew by and defeated the monster! When the others revived they saw a powerpuff looking figure and greeted her. She said hi and that her name was Rose. They followd her back to the lab. They talked for a while and found out she had a RRB counterpart named Randy, and a PPGNK counterpart named Revenge. While she was talking, a boy wearing a pink blazer kidnapped her and left the rest of the gang at the lab. They followdd the boy and saw Rose tied to a rope over a bubbling pot of antidote x! They quickly rescued her, and a girl followed the boy out the door. Brick asked Rose who the other guys were, and she said that they were Randy and Revenge. Blossom made Rose an honorary member of the PPG, and she left back to her town to save others lives.

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