On a starry night, a shooting star came. All three of The Powerpuff Girls wished that they will read everybody's mind. The next day at school, Bubbles asked if the wish came true. Then The PowePpunk Girls walked by. Berserk was thinking that they were having a sleepover. Brat was thinking that The PowerPuff Girls were not invited. Blossom answered yes. Ms.Keane wrote "No Homework!" on the chalkboard. All the kids cheered. Ms.Keane was thinking that they will have alot of homework tommorrow. Bubbles groaned. Blossom cheered. Buttercup pouted. At lunch, when the lunch lady gave The Girls the lunch ,she was thinking that will never know that she putted dried pig sweat instead of salt. Bubbles face turned green. Blossom made with a face like she did in the episode "The Boys are Back In Town." Buttercup was making a face saying yuck! The PowerPuff Girls sat across from The PowerPunk Girls at lunch. Berserk was thinking that she will steal Blossom's dessert when she's not looking. Brat was thinking that she's prettier than Bubbles. Brute was thinking that Buttercup eats like a pig. Blossom said that she did not like reading minds. Bubbles said that she agreed. Buttercup said that they should unwish the wish. On the same night, a shooting star came. All three of The Powerpuff Girls wished that they will stop reading everybody's minds. The Powerpuff Girls knew that the wish came true and high-fived each other.

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