the Girls are Wating for there Babysitter while their Boyfriends Leave. When they leave the girls get's bored and begging the Professor that there Old enough To babysit them self's but the Professor tell's them No. Bummed out they go to there Room and watch the window. "Its not fair" whines Buttercup getting really mad. "Really Buttercup?" asked Blossom getting annoyed by her attitude. Bubble's says she actully likes being babysat her sisters then looks at her confused. The professor yells out that there babysitter is here. They all fly down stairs slowly except Bubbles. To there shock its mojo in a coustume and the Professor eally doesn't notice. The Professor tells Mr.Monkey Man a.k.a Mojo in a different coustume that if the girls don't behave just call him and thell go straight to bed and will be grounded for a week. Mojo then has a huge grin. (This part so's a flashback when Mojo babysat them when they were 5 in the first series episode "Child Fearing") Noticeing the Big grin the girls try's to convince the Professor that it's Mojo. The Professor doesn't listen and tell's them to be good. after the professor left Mojo let out an evil laugh. "Mojo come over here so i can pound you!" Yelled buttercup. She then Flew over to him about to punch him but he blocks and Buttercup's hand goes through the Wall. "Nop you can't touch me" he said while picking up the phone. "Buttercup he's right he's sorta invnseble" explained Blossom. "So what he's the Bad guy" retorted Buttercup. The two start to fight while Mojo is dialing the Professors number. "Please mojo No!" Yelled Bubbles. Blossom and Buttercup notice this and plead's too. "Okay okay but like little Blossom said i can't be touched". The girls gulp's. During the whole night Mojo has been tourching them and they had it. "Blossom im scared" says bubbles about to cry. "We need some one to beat the stuffing out of him" buttercup say's."Yah like our boyfriends" Bloosom said. "Bubbles call them" said Buttercup "They can't get grounded". Bubb;es stats to wipe her tears and dials the phone. But since her tears blocked her view she accidently dials the Professors phone number. Mojo Comes in the Room and tells them They need to give him a bath. The girls cry while the Proffesor is on the other line. With the Professor "Blossom bubbles buttercup is everything allright.......Hello.......(Hears crying and baby sitter laughing) My girls!" yells the Professor. "What is it Professor?" ask's Man #1. "My girls!" he answers "I must cut bowling night sort". "Okay have fun" Says Man#2. "Yah insane baysitter on the loose" Says Man#3 and laughs to him self. Back Home The girls are seen crying while mojo laughs and the Professor breaks through the door. "Get you durty hands of of my girls!" He yells.

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