The Mystery Machine is a van used to transport Mystery Inc. around the world.


The Mystery Machine has the uncanny ability to adapt to any given situation (and the conveniently packed items that might be needed in any given situation):

  • The back is filled with various equipments (ladder, lanterns, and ropes).
  • A bench running longwise can be stored in the rear of the van.
  • Also, the back can fit a table and chairs, plus the walls are lined with computer equipment; a large antenna can be attached on the roof.
  • Another time a table is included, the walls are lined with kitchen cabinets.
  • It can expand in order for the gang to sleep, ie like a camper


Early history

The previous owners of the van were a popular family band, known as the Mystery Kids. The van's design was painted by Flash Flannigan, the band's pianist, before he stormed off and quit.

News van

When the gang reunited to search for real ghosts, for Daphne Blake's show, Coast to Coast with Daphne Blake, Fred Jones, now her producer, surprised them all by removing a banner of the show's sign off of what was apparently their news van, to reveal the Mystery Machine logo underneath. The Mystery Machine now had a protruding engine in the front. The gang continued to use this new Mystery Machine for their subsequent adventures, though they did have a nostalgic encounter with the original model of the Mystery Machine, inside the Scooby-Doo and the Cyber Chase computer game.

Return of the "classic" Mystery Machine

The gang soon returned to the "classic" Mystery Machine, even bringing it with them to Australia for one of their adventures.

What's New, Scooby-Doo? era

The Mystery Machine was briefly taken over, apparently by a ghost, and chased its owners around town. The gang investigated and found that the mother of the Mystery Kids had sabotaged the machine to help her kids make a musical comeback.

Scooby-Doo! And The Goblin King

The Mystery Machine was transformed into the Monstrous Machine.


Even before the gang got the Mystery Machine they solved mysteries, but they had no way for their own transportation. From the time when they first began solving mysteries, Daphne Blake's dad reluctantly drove them around everywhere they needed to go, with him tightly squeezed into the driver's seat driving the gang to places such as a haunted house.

Other continuities

Mystery Incorporated arrived at the opening of the Coolsonian Criminology Museum in a stretched limo version the Mystery Machine. The design of the Mystery Machine limo is 1999 Ford F-350 Super Duty Stretched Limousine.

Cultural impact

The Mystery Machine is as popular as Scooby-Doo and the gang themselves, and due to this many fans have redesigned their vans to match the Mystery Machine, too.


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