Oh Boy Not Again!


Ready to fight

Now that the Dark Punks are in school the Punks have been more annoyed then ever. Dark Brat bragged right in front of Brat's face that she was better at cheerleading than Brat was. Brat got angry and bragged that she was prettier than her. Brute told them to shush and the Punks walked away from the Darks. Brute told them about how Dark Brute was so vain and was to busy fixing her hair all morning. Brute got disgusted and flew home. Brat asked Berserk if she thought she was prettier than Dark Brat and she said that Brat was way prettier. Brat tryed to force a smile but tears swelled in her eyes. Berserk was concerned because Brat never has cryed before. Brat said that Dark Brat was setting rumors that she was a total pig and that yesterday she ate all of the peoples lunch. Brat ran away crying. Berserk thought how Dark Berserk was to her. She didn't bother her at all. All she did was study and read books. Berserk sat down in a empty class and picked up her scary stories book she left there. She saw Dark Berserk at the corner of her eye. She was reading a lot of books in a dark corner with a flashlight. She walked up to her and gave her a weird look. Dark Berserk got disgusted and called her a insult. Berserk felt angry inside but forced herself to calm down. Berserk wondered why she was sitting here alone. She asked Dark Berserk what was going on. Dark Berserk stood up and told Berserk that she just liked the dark and loved reading books. There was no problem. Berserk walked slowly out of the room and caught up with her boyfriend Rock In. She told Rock In that Dark Berserk was kinda weird. Rock thought the same because today he saw bats fly out of her locker. Berserk and Rock were silent and they saw how Dark Berserk flew off with her sisters. Rock thought they were all weird because he knew they were nothing like Berserk and her sisters. Berserk told Brick she had to hurry up because she has acting lessons. Rockck waved goodbye to her and walked towards HIMS home. He saw Inferno around the house and asked him why he was here while slapping him in the head. Inferno asked Rock if he knew where Brat was and Rock nodded no.
  • It depends who you want Berserk to date Rock In or Brick or somebody else.

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