Pet Peeves

The sixth episode of season 8. Bubbles forgets what the Professor said to her along time ago not to put the mask on so she goes on a nuts adventure with her wacky new self.


Bubbles looks in her closet for her stuffed animal when she sees the mask lying in there. She remembers that the Professor told her about it but she remembers what he said. She put it on to see if it fit on he. Then she spun around like a tornado and turns into her Dorothy style with her big lollipop. She flys out of the house and off to Townsville. Buttercup and Blossom come into the room she was and find that she is gone. So they zoom off to look for her. Bubbles arrives where Brat is walking around. Brat asks if she is ok because Bubbles face is green. Bubbles says she is just perfect and asks Brat if she wants to see her pet. Brat looks inside Bubbles box and sees a giant bull roaring at her. Brat flys away screaming. Blossom and Buttercup arrive just in time to see what happened. Buttercup tells Bubbles to stand still so Blossom could pull the mask off her face.

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