The 57th episode of the series and 15th episode of Season 3. In a plot to destroy The Powerpuff Girls once and for all, The Powerpunk Girls and Oppressor Plutoium invite them to their birthday party.


The Powerpunk Girls were defeated by The Powerpuff Girls. To help them Oppresser Plutonium built a new weapon that will surely destroy The Powerpuff Girls. The next day at school, The Powerpunk Girls gave birthday invations to The Powerpuff Girls. Later that night, The Powerpuff Girls came to The Powerpunk Girls' birthday party. Oppresser Plutonium gave The Powerpuff Girls the birthday cake. Blossom asked Oppresser if he putted anything bad in it. Oppresser lied answered no. Blossom didn't believe him. Blossom used X-ray vision at the cake. Buttercup asked Blossom Can we eat now? Bubbles was about to eat the cake. Blossom took the cake away from Bubbles and Buttercup. Blossom said I know what you're trying to do and we ain't falling for it! Blossom threw the cake on the ground and fought The Powerpunk Girls and Oppresser. Then The Powerpuff Girls flew home. Oppresser told his daughters not to give up and they will defeat The Powerpuff Girls.

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